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In between...the other drivers pictured with me...

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In between...the other drivers pictured with me...
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In between Mikey pages, I thought I would toss in some other ones of me (and/or family)and other drivers...I got most pictures with the drivers except when I met Rusty Wallace. I used old film and guess what didn't turn out??? That and the beauty pagent photos of me and my older daughter! :'((
Somehow didn't get the pixs from the ex (*@#$) of the ones taken of Richard Petty too. ahhhhh!

Alan K. with my son Daniel who seemed busy signing table

The story behind Alan...
Man, this picture was taken ONE week before he was tragically killed in that plane crash. He was at Hooters in Augusta, GA and was the reining Winston Cup Champion at the time. He died on Apr. 1, 1993.

Alan K., me and Daniel

Ward Burton who we ran into at the Martinsville track parking lot of all places!

pardon me, I don't take good pixs, lol

I guess the *#%@ ex got the better ones...
me and Harry Gant (man, we had a good one of my older daug.on his Harley too!) he got that :((

Move over people, Mama needs to take a picture!
Kyle Petty taken with my newborn son, Daniel in 1992

pardon the fact most are love songs...lol! I am a sucker for a love song, and besides I had Michael on my mind when creating this song list...but hey, I am a chick, right? I did however toss in other songs too...