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This site is for all fans of Michael Waltrip!! And it is also dedicated to him! So enjoy the site and be sure to sign my guest book-please mention which site you visited for I have a few different ones.
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Michael Curtis Waltrip was born on April 30th, 1963 in Owensboro, KY. to Leroy and Margaret Waltrip. His stock car career began in 1981 in the Mini Modified division at Kentucky Motor Speedway where he won track championship track that same year! In 1982, he moved to Goody's Dash Series and won the National Championship and was awarded the Most Popular award-in '83and '84!
In 1985 Michael ran 5 races in NASCAR Winston Cup Series and ran a full season (his first) in 1986.
In 1996 he won The Winston and was a 3 time winner of the Winston Open.  He has won the Daytona 500 twice and two other races!
He is married to Buffy and has two children Caitlin Marie and Margaret Carol (Macy).

Mikey facts:

* Graduated from Apollo High School, class of '81, in Owensboro, KY

*was inducted in Apollo High "hall of fame" in Feb. 93.

* Loves driving his tractor.

* Is a Dallas Cowboy fan (yeah!!!)

*Is a fan of Kentucky Wildcats and NBA's Charlotte Hornets

*Is also a Dallas Cowboy fan! (yeah!!)
*In 1993 after winning the Busch Grand National race he proposed to Buffy.

*He once lived with the Pettys and Kyle once tossed a pair of smelly sneakers in a river!

*lives in a remodeled farmhouse

*brother is Winston Cup winner Darrell Waltrip (DW)

*when he was 11 he would take a 130 mile bus trip from Owensboro, KY to Nashville, TN to help join brother Bobby, who raced go-karts.

*Michael won his first racing trophey at age 15-winning a go-kart race in Olney, Ill.

*siblings:Darrell, Bobby, Carolyn, and Connie



*won Daytona 500 twice!

sorry if not clear!
Michael as a baby!

"Boy what a scream!"said Mikey at meeting
This is Mikey with me and my middle child Krisha-who screamed all thru the fan meeting.

About me and Michael!

I liked NASCAR but didn't know anyone except AJ Foyt and Richard Petty.  I watched the races from time to time with my grandpa. One day I was at Jiffy Lube visiting someone I knew, I spied a whole pile of NASCAR "postcards" on a table in the waiting room.  "What is that?" I asked my friend who worked there. "Oh, some race car driver", he answered, "you can have the whole stack-just so we can rid them!"  I did. I took them to my then fiance' (ex-husband) and gave them to him-he was big into the NASCAR scene.  This was in 1990. I had just graduated from high-school and just moved in with him.  One day, I got looking at this man standing next to his bright yellow Pennzoil car.  I studied his face.  "Hum", I thought, "he is CUTE!" The rest is history. I feel hook, line and sinker for him! I took all those cards back.
I started collecting his things.  Started with some diecast cars and some trading cards.  Then I went to a yard sale and to my delight, he was selling some Michael stuff! I bought him out-including an autographed picture! Then I wrote to him.  I didn't expect much, but one day a manilla envelope arrived in the mail.  I opened it only to find a postcard of him, autographed to me! Looking at the way he wrote his "M" on his name, and looking at the envelope, I soon noticed HE wrote the address!!!!!!!!! I still have the envelope of course! Then I joined the fan club.
I was nervous when I went to my first fan club meeting.  When he walked in the room, an applase broke out and I looked up to see the most gorgous, handsome and TALL man walk into the room! I walked up to the front to get him to sign some stuff, and nervously handed him my things.  He asked me my name and I told him.  He looked up at me, paused and suddenly piped:" That's right, you just had a baby not too long ago, didn't you?" I feel thru the floor!!! I had a daughter two weeks prior to the meeting and sent out birth announcements!!!
I met him more thru the years.  My kids played with his older daughter Caitlyn.  My children played with D.W.'s kids too when I accidently snuck into his fan club meeting! I was soooo happy!!!!
Then, my divorce. My ex refused to turn over my Mikey collection for anything. He wasn't even a Mikey fan!!! He did it out of spite. I lost a tire given to me by Chuck Rider, two quarter panels, years of collections of Kool-aid, pennzoil, country time---everything.  I had to start over! Which of course Mikey says "this means you have to buy more!"that is what he told me when I told him.
I did get my scrapbook, my trading cards and a few pictures that was framed.  I lost a treasured hot that he gave me that was on his head. Lost a lot. But that is okay.

Some of the stuff I lost-signed by Mikey.

Michael Waltrip and me
gee, this was when he drove for Citgo Wood Brothers team!

Nice to see you again!
Oh my gosh! The last time I met him was Oct. of '03.  I went to his fan club meeting and went thru the line a few times to get various things signed for other people (I have so many of his autographs, so didn't need any). On about the third time thru, he wasn't as crowded in- basically, he was just standing around. I had decided to get him to sign the binder I keep my cards in.  He did and handed it to me.  He then looked straight in my eye (he looks into your eyes when he talks) and said, "It was nice to see you again, Miko!" I DIED!!!!!!! I, not ONCE said my name to him that day. He remembered my name! Man, my legs turned to jello and I broke the "trance" by turning my head away in shyness.  OHMYGOSH did he ever make my day!

taken that day when he made my heart go bidi-bidi-bom-bom

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