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Some things you may or may not have known about our beloved Selena!!!

  1. Selena once went bungee jumping on a dare but never wanted to do it again!
  2. Selena and Chris owned a Ninja Kawasaki 250 cc motorcycle!
  3. Selena's main wishes were to own a farm and have 5 children.
  4. Birthday: April 16, 1971
  5. Hospital: Freeport Community Hospital
  6. Town: Brazosport, TX
  7. Parents: Abraham II and Marcella Samora Quintanilla
  8. were they met: Ft. Lewis, Wash. state
  9. parent's marraige date: June 8, 1963
  10. Selena weighed at birth: 5 lbs and 10 1/2 ozs
  11. Sibs. Abraham (AB) III born on Dec.13, 1963, Suzette Michelle was born June 29th, 1967.
  12. They thought Selena was going to be a boy so they picked the name Marc Antony out.
  13. Name came from Marcella's roommate who had a boy instead of a planned girl!
  14. Selena's name means "Selenite" which means 'moon stone'
  15. her nickname was Preciosa
  16. Selena did not have a middle name
  17. her height grown up 5'6"
  18. Husband: Chris Perez
  19. year met: 1988
  20. they confessed their love at a Pizza Hut parking lot.
  21. they got married on April 2, 1992 at Nueces County Court
  22. Justice of the peace Beb Garza, Jr. married them after Judge Joaquin Villarreal III waived the 72-hr. waiting period.
  23. She wore jeans and a coca cola jacket to her wedding
  24. First gold record:"Ven Conmigo"
  25. First hit single:" Dame Un Beso" in 1986
  26. A performer mistakenly announced the winner of the '94 Tejano Crossover Award (which Selena's name was engraved and which she, not Shelly Lares won)to Shelly Lares. Selena burst into tears and refused the award she won, after it was corrected-she felt bad for Shelly Lares.
  27. 95 Houston Astrodome concert had 61,041 people attending.
  28. place and date of Selena's last concert: March 11, 1995 in Chicago, Illinois
  29. She played a part in Don Juan DeMarco as a Mariachi singer.
  30. her favorite foods included: Thin pepporoni pizza, tortilla chips, refried frijoles, pollo con arroz
  31. dessert-chocolete icecream
  32. first car black BMW which was later stolen and dumped in the ocean.
  33. last car is the red Porshe
  34. Selena once paid a tab for a lady dining alone at the Olive Garden-not letting her know who paid it!
  35. She always had time for her fans, never refusing an autograph.
  36. she didn't like talking about politics or religion.
  37. she collected faberge eggs
  38. She had five dogs: a husky, mini doberman, 2 mastiffs and a pomeranian.
  39. she loved animals
  40. she liked contempo. furniture (even having a aquarium backboard in her bedroom)-unlike her sister who deco was Southwestern.
  41. Fave color was purple and black
  42. loved long stemmed white roses
  43. Selena and her family lived in the Molina Section of CC.
  44. best friend in school was Meredith Lynn Cappel
  45. gift she treasured from Meredith was a stuffed Koala Bear when she was 9 years old.
  46. attended was Oran M. Roberts elem. school
  47. junior high was West Oso Junior high.
  48. GED from The American School of Chicago (correspondance school)
  49. Selena enjoyed tobogganing, parasailing and riding motorcycles.
  50. there was 52 diamonds on that infamous ring that the "Boutique" gave her...Yolanda pocketed the money gave to her for the ring and bought it with Selena's credit card.
  51. total carats on ring 1.5
  52. it was a 14K white gold egg ring
  53. had an "S" engraved in its side and costed $3000.
  54. (getting to the sad facts)Place where Selena was shot was Day's Inn 901 Navagation
  55. fateful room was 158
  56. weapon used .38 caliber. it was cut up in many pieces and tossed in the ocean.
  57. time hag shot our beloved was about 11:47A Friday Mar. 31,1995
  58. Offical time of death1:05P
  59. offical cause severed artery and blood loss
  60. Public viewing was at Bayfront Plaza Convention Center
  61. 30,000-50,000 filed past her casket
  62. there were over 8000 white roses placed on her casket
  63. funeral date April 3, 1995 (the day after her wedding anny.)at Memorial Coliseum, Corpus Christi
  64. Burial site Seaside Memorial park
  65. Tree on her gravesite is a mesquite tree
  66. Amor Prohibido sold 1700 copies prior to her death
  67. it sold 12,000 a week after her death.
  68. she was NOT born on Easter Sunday like all thought!
    She was also a Jehovah's Witness.






:)more coming soon!