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Latest news on releases on her stuff from Q-pro!

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They have released two of the dolls!

The first one is Selena in concert. This is a 12" fashion doll with lifelike hair. Highly detailed Selena wearing black outfit with accessories.

This doll comes with a gold Selena logo bracelet.

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The second is SELENA VIVE DOLL. 12" doll wearing her famous mirror dress. This doll comes with a Selena logo necklace.

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Both dolls come with a stand with the Selena logo and a mini poster.

Each doll is $19.99 plus shipping and handling.

The other items are Classic series 3,4 and 5 are out!

Be sure to visit Q-Productions site today to order your official Selena items!

There you can order stuff such as towels, blankets, CDs, posters, t-shirts and more!

click here to visit Q-Production shop!