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photo bucket link to more Selena!

14 ANOS without our La Reina Selena!
Chris and Selena
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photo bucket link to more Selena!
arial views of Selena's home and Q-Pro! UPDATED!
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My trip to Corpus Christi 2005!
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Wanna see more?

Go to my Selena Photobucket account that I set up exclusively for this web site!

*please note this link is still in 'construction' I am still adding photos!

want to thank everyone that I got these from-can't remember everyone, but some are:Sable,Mariposa,Bidi Brazil,Latinloverboy3,Shipgrl,Holly,Terri,Jocelyna,BabySelena-and the rest of the crew from and along with other Selena sites out there who has posted photos of our la reina!
If I didn't give you credit I am sorry! I get my Selena photos like everyone else-thru various sites too! It is virtually impossible to remember where I got what from. All I ask is that if you must copy them-do so for your personal collection and or websites but don't profit from them! This is unfair to Selena, her family and those who took these photos. Enjoy them!

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Selena was a beauty that will be missed by a lot of us! I dedicate this site in loving memory to Selena Quintanilla Perez~who's voice is still heard in heaven!