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Miko's Michael Waltrip site

pg. 5 Misc. photos
Michael 2004 meeting
pg. 4 Mikey's family life!
pg. 5 Misc. photos
pg. 6 In between...the other drivers pictured with me...
pg. 3 the letters from Buffy and Ginger Rider
Pg. 2 And he walked away!!!
About Me

Here are some misc. photos of Mikey. Some are my personal ones taken by me (or by my camera) and some are others.

of all horrors! My ex (#*&$) husband couldn't even
take a pix! How stupied! This was the 1st time I met Mikey too!!!

It's like "duh" you turn the camera sideways, right? But my ex-husband had (has) a few bolts loose in his nit wit head.  He cut Mikey's head off. I will never forget coming out of Walmart and him looking at the pixs and going, "oh God, your gonna kill me!" That I almost did! Here it was the first time meeting my idol and he cuts his head! Man. I was hoping to get the oppertunity at that time for him to get a photo taken of HIS favorite driver..guess what I would of done???

lotto ticket...nope, didn't win, but love the ticket anyways!

Like a kid in a candy store!!!

Go Michael, GO GOGOGOGOGO!!!!!


don't know if you can tell but....
Mikey has his tongue stuck out to the side-workin' really hard movin' tha car!!!

when I got this from a friend, I asked,"Who is
that woman next to my future husband?" "His fiance' Buffy." was the reply. My friend took this one

Mikey with Marlena when she was a baby!

I will always love you, Mikey! You have basically watched me grow up! You were younger than I am now when we first met!!!


this is an oldie!

Robert, my hubby now, and Mikey

Daniel with Ricky Rudd car

my oldest two: Daniel and krisha

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