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Miko's Michael Waltrip site

my meeting with Michael Oct. 16th, 2004!!
Michael 2004 meeting
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pg. 3 the letters from Buffy and Ginger Rider
Pg. 2 And he walked away!!!
About Me

A hug from Michael!

I knew about the fan club meeting but a:I needed to update my membership,which I can't afford yet ($30! for a family)b:they were asking $25 for a hamburger bar and I was not going to pay that much for a burger at 10 am and C: they only were able to invite 150 people, which filled fast, so they didn't seem to mind the $25 burger (BTW,I looked at the menu at the place the meeting was held at and it was like 75% cheaper). I assume most were either well off $$ or never met him. I told a friend that goes to the that was going, to tell him that I said hello and I am sorry I couldn't make it. On Saturday morning, I was bound and determined to be in the same building as my true love Michael. Robert, his brother and wife and I drove to the Concord Mills mall and walked around the mall. There was a long line going into where Mikey was. About 2 hours later, we decide to leave so we could go to the race. Carol, my sister in law, got an idea about cutting thru the arcade that Michael's meeting was at. As we passed the door to the meeting, we could hear Michael talking. There wasn't anybody at the door, so Carol said, "lets go in". It was the end of the meeting anyways, so I don't think they really didn't care. We walked in, and instantly I start shaking. There he was. I get that way everytime I see him! I took digital photos and filmed some on my dig. cam. When it was time for him to leave, he was signing a banner on the wall, and I walked to him and said "hello Michael!" He turned around and a smile came across his face. "OH hey! They told me you weren't going to make it this year!" he said as he stretched his hand out. I thought he was gonna shake my hand, NO, his arms opened wide and he gave me a hug!!!! I think I died right there. I think I ran into them!:-) He then asked me if I wanted him to sign my shirt. I was like, "uh, sure, by all means!" I didn't think of him signing anything. I didn't think of the jacket of the team that I just bought or the hat that Robert bought me that I was carrying. I was just like star struck. All I could think of is, oh gosh, do I look okay? Hope I don't smell bad from sweating as I walked the mall. You know stupied things like that....aug. oh well. Here are some other photos taken that weekend while we were in Charlotte...

(at Hendrick)mikey's old Bahari' shopDEI (his shop now)not a word...

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