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Miko's Michael Waltrip site

pg. 4 Mikey's family life!
Michael 2004 meeting
pg. 4 Mikey's family life!
pg. 5 Misc. photos
pg. 6 In between...the other drivers pictured with me...
pg. 3 the letters from Buffy and Ginger Rider
Pg. 2 And he walked away!!!
About Me

Michael is a family man!
He married Elizabeth "Buffy" Arrington Franks on Novemeber 27th, 1993 in Davidson, NC. He proposed to her in victory circle after winning a Busch race.
He has a daughter named Caitlin and he and Buffy has a daughter named Macy.

November 27, 1993

Please enjoy the pictures!!

Happy Birthday Macy!!!

Here are some of the kids! :-)



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I am using this b/c I can't seem to link anything else to this as a messageboard or guest book.