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Michael 2004 meeting
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pg. 3 the letters from Buffy and Ginger Rider
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About Me

This is what started it all...
I broke down and wrote to Mikey.  The envelope that came in the mail that Mikey wrote the address to, came enclosed with his autographed picture and this letter from Ginger Rider.  She is the daughter of Chuck and Pat (the late) Rider the owners of Bahari' Race team that Michael drove for at that time.  I thought the stationary was so kewl!

from Ginger

The letter from Buffy Waltrip
When I was married before to my ex., my in-law's home burned down on Christmas morning of 1995. I wrote to Michael telling him what happened.  The next thing I remember is that I got this letter from Buffy.  I thought that was the sweetest thing anyone could do! Esp. knowing that I was in love with her hubby LOL!!!

letter from Buffy

People ask me all the time, how do I or how DID I get personal with Mikey? I can't say that I am personal with him (only in my dreams!) but I have been a fan of his for a long, long time and he seems to remember me when he sees me.  He was always waving when we would walk in the room and always ready to pose for a picture or sign what ever you gave him.
I think he is the most cutest and sweetest man that I have ever met! Does my husband get jealous? Nah, he knows  that Mikey is no threat to him. I have loved Mikey long before my hubby now, and he accepts that I am a fan of his- and will always be! I am just like a teenager with a crush on a movie star.  I clam up whenever I see him. I stutter. I act stupied.  I am sure he gets a big kick out of it...

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